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    Hello again!

    My teacher released an album today on Amazon and it would be great to check out. There is some core rep on there such as the Robert. M Sonata op.29 and also some newer works for sax on there too.

    The album is available on Amazon called 'Facades' by Lara James!

    Hope you enjoy,


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    hmnmm This looks interesting. Have you heard the entire album yet?

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    Ooops. Can't post it here but, er,. google Lara James.

    Whew! Found the right one. Here are some sound clips.
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    i've not heard it yet as im going to buy one off her in my lesson so im not paying postage, plus i like the booklet!!


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    Lara just got a great review from Classic Fm aswell, the actual site for Lara James Saxophonist has audio clips on too

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