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    Default Selmer AS300 vs. AS500

    Can anyone compare the new Selmer student model AS500 to the AS300 that it replaced? I'm a trumpet player who helps out on alto sax in a pep band I advise. I've got a used AS300, which is what the music school here recommended. I also have a nephew who's ready to start on alto sax. I can get an AS 500 locally for $795, or I can cruise the net for a used AS 300. I know there are other models out there, but I've had a good experience with Selmer, so that's what I'm shopping for.


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    Used AS300s go for $400 to $600+ on E-bay. I bought one for $500 and am very happy. Ask the right questions and you can get one that is as good as new.
    I'm starting over after 30 years and the tone I am getting from my AS300 is better than the Yamaha, Bundy and Conn horns being played by others in our communty band. The tone is more robust and not as brassy as the others.
    It is a tank. Heavy for a student horn but fairly easy to play. With the usual student horn high F and Low Bb taking extra effort.
    When you are buying beware of Selmer off shoots made in China. I had a bad experiece with a Beuscher soprano made in China. Remember you generally get what you pay for.

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    I've seen more than one AS100 sell for in the $900's on eBay. That's only about $150 more than the AS-500 you mentioned. A good condition top-of-the line professional Selmer USA alto (AS-100), if you're set on buying a Selmer USA, I think would be much better than the student model? You have to be patient because AS-100's and 110's are not on eBay every day, but I've seen quite a few over the past few months in the $1000 range.
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    Smile Okay

    I play a fairly new selmer AS300and ive played for a while. The instrument has an overall good tone. The only issue that i dont like is the low Bb is extremely hard to tune as with a few other notes. It s a good instrument though.

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    Its a good beginner in my opinion because its what i began on

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