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    Default Fletch Wiley - Almighty God Trax

    I recently purchased the Fletch Wiley collection called Almighty God and found that the trax CD is out of print. Does anyone have a suggestion where I might find it for sale. Would anyone reading this have a copy of the trax they'd be willing to sell me?

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    Default Re: Fletch Wiley - Almighty God Trax

    This book includes the piano accompaniment sheet music. If you type it into a program like Noteworthy Composer, you can make a nice sound track yourself. This is the way I usually do it so I can put it in a key for my wife's low and beautiful voice.

    And I'll even go one further. If you will get the free trial copy of Noteworthy and type in the song you want, and then email it to me, I will use my cool new nifty synth soundbank to make it sound like real background instruments. Then I will send you back an mp3 that should sound great in the normal church auditorium.

    I'll do this for the first song to show you what can be done. After that I can tell how to make your own computer do this without spending a whole lot of money. After that, you wont' be so hindered by the lack of accompaniment and ultimately that leads to more praise for the Lord. And that's the best deal of all. Just let me know.

    Oh... And if you need "Mary Did You Know", which I think is in that book, you can get my accompaniment track for it here:
    Good Luck,

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    Default Re: Fletch Wiley - Almighty God Trax

    Were you able to find what you were looking for?? I can possibly help. I played with Fletch for a few years and we are still friends. I could always ask him if he could get you what you need.

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    Default Re: Fletch Wiley - Almighty God Trax

    Did you ever find the CD trax to this book? I too have been looking for one for sometime now. Anyway I canget a copy?

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