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Thread: flat phobia

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    Default flat phobia

    I realized yesterday, as I practiced scales, that I have an aversion to flatted notes! I just stumble more with flatted notes than sharps. I don't understand it, but given an Eb vs. D#, my mind-to-sax connection has an easier time with the sharp. Same is true for Ab-G# and other enharmonics. I think it has something to do with the way my brain deciphers flats and sharps, and wonder if you who teach have seen this with your students. Or it just could be the effects of my college years...

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    Default Re: flat phobia

    Think of all the scales in sharps? I have a similar thing, but it's only really with Db and Gb, I can play in both keys no problem, but the scales I think of in sharps. Sharps make more sense in sax as a lot of our accidentals are keys that are pressed to raise the note a half step, not press a key to lower it. Side Bb, alternate F#, G#, side C, Eb etc etc. Woodwinds seem to be more prone to thinking in sharps, as opposed to brass, who generally like to think in flats because "open" for them is the highest note in that partial, and each valve combination lowers the pitch.

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