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    What is Conn equivalent of a Mark VI?

    Hey Y'all

    I've heard for some time now that, once one gets used to the finger positioning, that Conns are "better" than Mark VI. Of course this still all depends on the person. But my question was...
  2. College music auditions pieces for Jazz major

    Hey all,
    I'm auditioning for a few music conservatories this year and was wondering what you guys thing for some nice tunes to choose? The requirements are three songs in contrasting styles. Thank...
  3. Re: Having troubles with sound: sometimes big, sometimes small. any help?

    When i first got the piece i started off playing 2h filed and i kept moving up as i felt i needed a little more push from the reeds, if that makes sense. Could it have something to do with my...
  4. Having troubles with sound: sometimes big, sometimes small. any help?

    Hey all,
    I need some advise. Right now I'm playing on a Phil Barone Hollywood 8 with RJS 3m or 3h. I've been using this piece since around november of last year and i do like it. A few times I would...
  5. Where to practice in NY(or any city for that matter)

    Hey guys,
    I've always wondered where people in NYC practice? Do they have special apartment building for musicians? I mean, you must not be able to practice all the time since one would have...
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    Performing cover of "A Love Supreme"

    I was just wondering how you guys feel about people doing covers of great pieces such as "A Love Supreme." Does one have to be "qualified" to be able to play those pieces? I heard Branford Marsalis...
  7. I like my sound but not big enough. Help!

    Hi Everyone.
    I was wondering if you guys could help me out.
    About 3 months ago i found a Phil Barone hollywood #8 on ebay and bought it. Since then ive been working with it and really like the...
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    how often to get an overhaul?

    hey everyone,
    How often do you get a full overhaul on your horns? is it usally yearly? Also, how can you tell if you have a leak? does part of it have to do with spit getting to the bottom of the...
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    Re: Barone tenor Hollywood 7*

    For those who have this piece, would you say its possible for it to also play r&b/funk and not just jazz??
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    Re: Barone tenor Hollywood 7*

    Is it possible to get some sound clips of what this piece sounds like?
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    To sit or stand while practicing...

    When practicing flute is it better to stand or to sit? does it matter which one? Thanks.
  12. Difference between Phil Barone's necks? (reviews?)

    Phil Barone has i think about six different tenor necks, i was wondering if they are all the same and just with different finishes. or does wach one have a different sound? also, could anyone give a...
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    Leadsheet for Betty Cater's "Tight"

    I was wonder if any had a leadsheet or know wherre i could find one for Betty Carter's tune Tight. Its a great tune and kurt elling does a great version of it on one of his albums. Thanks.
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    Is it possible to darken a mouthpiece?

    Is it possible to darken a mothpiece without changing the reed/lig. combination? if so, what would be done to the mouthepiece. Thanks.
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    Coltrane's personalities

    I looking for some info on Coltrane's personalities. What type of person was he? Thanks.
  16. What is the difference between Avant garde jazz and Free jazz?

    Whats the difference between these two styles?
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    I need some help with jazz in the 60s

    Hey everyone,
    Im taking a class about the 1960s and im going to write a paper on jazz in the 60s. Could you guys help me out? what big jazz movements were in the 60s? Are there any good books or...
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    What horn shops are in NYC?

    im taking a trip to nyc in a few weeks and i was wondering if there are any horn shops down there? I know theres sam ash and robertos....any others? Thanks.
  19. What size vandoren optimum lig. is right for the JJ dv?

    im looking at buying the vandoren optimum ligature for my jody jazz dv. im was wondering what size i should get the V5 or the V16.(im getting it from wwbw). Im assuming the v16 b/c the v16 is a...
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    How do you file reed and what to use

    How do you file reeds? What do you use? and how would i file a reed using sandpaper?
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