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  1. Re: Help us Name/Brand our Newest Handmade Model Saxophones...

    Since the focus of the horns is not just the sound, but how broad and rich the sound is, why not add the word "grand" into the name, such as:
    "Grand Sonus" or "Grand Sonance" for a literal...
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    Re: Is it just impossible for some people?

    I don't know that I agree with the vintage vs. modern thing. My experience has been that I first learned altissimo on my Yamaha 52 tenor, which I guess conforms to the, so far, agreed upon theory,...
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    Re: Is it just impossible for some people?

    Well, the short answer to your question is yes, it is just impossible for some people. However, I believe your original question is based on the assumption that there may be something physically...
  4. Re: Does this sound like a good deal for a 6m??

    I'd agree with pretty much everyone else. The B.I.N. price is too high, but if you bid for it, you may get it for much less. The discouraging thing, though, is that in addition to the B.I.N. price,...
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    Re: Buescher 400 ebay - wow

    It doesn't help that I'm in the scouting stages of possibly purchasing a TH&C within the next 12 months. Then again, I'm fairly certain the final selling price of this horn will FAR exceed my...
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    Re: Alto or Tenor?

    To the original poster, have you made a decision? I'm interested to know which one you chose and how you went about making the decision.

    I am/was a tuba player as well (8 years in marching band...
  7. Re: CE Winds vs. Selmer Paris - YouTube Tenor Saxophone Sound Comparison

    I realize that I'm several weeks late to this party, but after reading all the posts I felt compelled to add my 2ยข. I don't believe it's Chris's intention, nor anyone's at CE Winds, to provide these...
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    Re: Whats your Alto Setup?

    I find gear to be a fluid type of thing; it changes as we change. Sure, we eventually reach a point of stability, but it's interesting to occasionally re-visit threads like this one and see how...
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    Re: Multi-horn comparison Youtube Video

    This thread seems to have gone dormant for the past couple of months, but I just happened to stumble upon it. I would like to chime in as well to say, "thank you," to Pete for putting this video up....
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    Re: Most important part of Improvising

    I agree with those that said the most important part of improvising is communication. I know this thread was started with more of a technical approach, and that's good, but as I began to think about...
  11. Re: Yanagisawa metal soprano sax mouthpiece

    Based solely on your question (given brand + tip opening choices) and trend of more-open tips, I would say a Yani 9. However, I've personally found that my "rules" for tenor and alto, don't hold up...
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    Re: Yamaha YTS-52

    Talk about reviving a thread. This thing went unnoticed (or at least un-commented on) for the past 6 years. That's like 10 world wars, 22 presidents, and 37 P. Mauriat models that have come and...
  13. Re: Guardala / PMS MBII LT - Intonation / Sound Issue

    That's quite a lot of variance in reed strengths. V16 4's and Java Red 2.5's are MILES apart. And those are just the Vandorens. Interestingly enough, I tried a Legere Studio on my MBII and found...
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    Re: Filed vs unfiled

    I agree with Pete and Hakukani from the stand point that I have only liked filed reeds for their aesthetics. To me, the "double cut" adds just that much more consideration to the appearance and...
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    Re: What's Your Tenor Setup?

    Yamaha YTS-52 (later model with tilting low Bb) and a lacquered G3 neck; Otto Link NY 8 with a stock lig; and Hemke 3 reeds. Looking to overhaul the entire setup within a year, though.
  16. Re: How many reeds do you have on hand right now?

    I realize it's been several months since anyone has replied to this thread, but after reading all the responses, I seem to find myself in the minority. For one, I only carry 2 brands of reeds per...
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    Re: Selmer Super Session Soprano H vs J

    It's interesting to see how this thread seems to keep getting revived after weeks (or years) of being dormant. Anyhow, I like the sound I get out of my SuperSession "J" with Hemke 3 reeds. Contrary...
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    Poll: Re: The "standard" soprano mouthpiece

    As much as I love to read everyone's comments, I think the heart of the OP's question is answered in the accompanying poll. The 2 Selmers (SS & S80) seem to show a majority, and the Selmer metal...
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    Re: Revived Nameplate - Toneking

    It certainly is a possibility. I'm just interested in Amati all of a sudden because those willing to actually give them a shot and aren't just Selmer biased have had some really positive things to...
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    Revived Nameplate - Toneking

    I was perusing several manufacturers web sites today and as I looked over Amati's I noticed that they are planning on releasing a new line of professional saxes, appropriately named "Toneking." I...
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