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    Re: Vandoren Reed Strengths ARE WRONG

    Adjusting reeds - there certainly are many articles in the archives.

    I've had good success following the advice in these articles. I apply them to Vandoren blue box for clarinets and soprano,...
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    Re: FA:Vito Johnny Hodges???????

    I just saw a revised listing on ebay and was not surprised there was a SOTW link already. Apparently the starting price has come down to $80k.
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    Wells mouthpiece vs Stowell-Wells-Schneider

    I've read good reviews of both Wells and Stowell-Wells-Schneider clarinet mouthpieces, and I play on an SWS B3. I happened to come across an eBay listing (not mine) that I thought added some...
  4. Re: Yamaha resion Bass clarinets:Which is better the 220 or newer 221???

    I was only trying to refer to the bass clarinet; I have no idea about soprano clarinets. I had been looking for a Vito resin bass clarinet and I included a ycl-220 in my search because of posts that...
  5. Re: Tenor Sax Stand with pegs for Clarinet and Flute ?

    I've been using a StageLine stand for a year or so. It has held my clarinet and flute fine, and I can move the body support so it holds an alto or a tenor. There does not seem to be a soprano peg...
  6. Re: Yamaha resion Bass clarinets:Which is better the 220 or newer 221???

    The Vito resin bass clarinet (which includes the Yamaha 220, as mentioned above) is an exception. It looks like a single piece body and the case is large, but the two pieces can be taken apart by a...
  7. Re: List 3 Things you learned on SOTW that you use.

    Recently I was watching bass clarinet sales closely for a few months (until I finally won one) and found that the Ebay codes seem to remain consistent for each user. For at least 5 or 6...
  8. Re: List 3 Things you learned on SOTW that you use.

    1. I learned that just a little effort on how you prepare your reeds can make a huge difference on how well, how long, and how consistently they play.

    2. I learned here first about the...
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    Re: Most consistent reed?

    I use Alexander DC size 3 with a Lebayle hard rubber mouthpiece (size 7) on bari, and the combination works well for me for jazz. I haven't played classical bari in a while.

    Try to evaluate...
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    Poll: Re: Guess the reed: synthetic or real

    +1 with Buck Laughlin. My guess is that you felt more comfortable playing on reed 1 than on reed 2. I then made a guess about cane vs synthetic, but it was just a guess. FWIW, I'm very happy with...
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    Re: bari sax reed cases?

    I use the Selmer reed case and can fit 6 reeds in a pinch. I've been very happy with how it has held my reeds, and I keep them for a long time. Vandoren ZZ reeds won't fit into a Lavoz reedguard...
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    Sonny Rollins interviewed on OnPoint

    Tonight I heard Sonny Rollins interviewed on NPR's OnPoint. The interviewer (Tom Ashbrook) is more familiar with political interviews than music interviews, so there were some questions that were...
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    Re: Yanagisawa A9930 alto on eBay - advise?

    I don't have specific advice about this particular horn. I do recommend searching here for info on the seller (I found a hint that they are on SOTW, such as here ). I also recommend watching your...
  14. Re: "Standard" or leather pads on a plastic bass clarinet?

    I'll certainly get leather pads when it is time to have them replaced. I asked my original question to help me decide if I should avoid a used bass clarinet that has non-leather pads. My tech...
  15. Re: "Standard" or leather pads on a plastic bass clarinet?

    Thanks everyone for your useful comments, thoughts, and suggestions. I'll keep this in mind as I watch the listings and decide what I want to pay (before including a possible repad) and how that...
  16. "Standard" or leather pads on a plastic bass clarinet?

    I've been watching SOTW, ebay, and craigslist for a good deal on a used vito bass clarinet. While doing this I've noticed that many have what look like leather pads but a few have white pads that...
  17. Thread: Flutes in B?

    by chemEtoo

    Re: Flutes in B?

    You may be on a clarinet gig, and the bandleader gives you a concert pitch lead sheet to play.

    It could arise if your part asks for an oboe or flute double and you don't play the instrument.

  18. Re: Request for modern Selmer alto owners (SA80 or later)

    Here's some photos of the Eb guard on my SA80 series II alto (456xxx). Shoot me a PM with your email if you'd like higher resolution versions. Its amazing what the flash does to the color of the...
  19. Thread: E flat fliute

    by chemEtoo

    Re: E flat fliute

    I think that fluteypiccolosax's point was that "high pitch" on this forum has often (usually? always?) referred to an instrument designed to play in tune at A 442 Hz, while a "low pitch" instrument...
  20. Re: Trying to Buy a Bass Clarinet on Ebay for doubling

    I was surprised by the $200 shipping on the Leblanc:

    The "search forum" tool is your friend in this case for finding advice. I've been thinking about this too and have bookmarked these...
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