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    Re: S1 Tenor in silver

    Seriously beautiful horn!
  2. Sticky: Re: 10mfan METAL Merlot and Robusto tenor mouthpieces are now READY!

    Thanks Rodger and JL! It's a fun piece to play - you can put a ton of warm air through it.

    I'll have my own review coming soon. Haven't found the time to write it yet...
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    Re: Vintage NY Meyer Knockoffs

    I recently visited the Rico factory and saw the D'Addario 'meyerish' alto pieces in production. This was a few weeks before they were released. It's all CNC machines - little or no hand finishing. ...
  4. Re: Surprising experience with a Selmer Soloist

    I didn't say all Selmer mouthpieces are inconsistent... but it's certainty a good idea if you are buying any mass-produced piece (selmer, vandoren, rousseau, etc) to buy 3 or 4 and then pick a good...
  5. Re: Surprising experience with a Selmer Soloist

    Maybe it's too early in the AM, but I'm not totally following you here DAVE.
  6. Re: Surprising experience with a Selmer Soloist

    With Selmer you still have to order 4 pieces and pick the good one! Same as in the 90s.
  7. Re: Clip-Mic Vs. Pickup for Amping & Effects

    A pickup or conventional mic can both work depending on your setup/sound. Skerik plays with a great band who are sensitive to volume, dynamics, and his use of effects. So it's not typically a...
  8. Re: Clip-Mic Vs. Pickup for Amping & Effects

    clarinibass and michael ward -- what make and model pickup are you using?
  9. Re: Clip-Mic Vs. Pickup for Amping & Effects

    Which model TAP do you use? It looks like there are a dozen.
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    Re: Johnny Hodges Tenderly

  11. Poll: Re: When - if ever - will the market for vintage horns recover?

    Selmers are always pricey. There is such an abundant supply of the non-Selmer (read: American) horns, that prices may stay reasonable for quite a while.

    Except for more coveted horns, like...
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    Re: FS: Brian Powell woodwind co. HR 7*

    What facing was it originally? B5? One of the "B" facings?
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    Re: Caught Tony Malaby last night !

    I love Tony! Caught him once with Ralph Alessi. Such a good inside/outside player.
  14. Re: Tone hole ring soldered on the inside of B tone hole of new Selmer SA80 Series II Jubilee

    That is a bit bizarre! I agree with SeanT.
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    Re: kenny dorham - Matador

    Thanks for posting! I hadn't heard that Dorham album...
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    Re: subbing in the pit

    Subbing can be tough. My bass player friend would spend weeks getting shows dialed in so he could be on the sub list (and hope he might get called). Most of the time, he'd never get called in or...
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    Re: UK E-BAY Fake SML BEWARE!!


    I've seen one of these in person. A Chinese copy of an SML. It was awful.

    One of my students bought it on ebay and brought it to a lesson. On this one, the bell was soldered on...
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    Re: Soft mellow tone

    Another good idea is transcribing and playing along with some ballads of a player that is getting the tone you aspire to produce.

    Try doing the same tune over and over for a week or two until you...
  19. Re: Beginning college player w/ horn options...too good to pass up?

    I'd buy a 23 and buy that committee too. You could still come in under $1K.
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    Re: Working with the Big B

    Yeah jason R is a beast. He will blow a hole in the wall and also send the keys flying off the horn.

    Rudresh Mahanthappa is on that record as well.
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