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  1. Looking For: Runyon Quantum #12 and/or Jody Jazz "Q" #12 for bari.

    I'm in the market for a Runyon Quantum #12 or Jody Jazz "Q" #12 both for baritone saxophone. If you've got one or know of one for sale, please let me know! Thanks!
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    WTB: A PLAYER'S Mark VI/SBA Tenor!

    I'm looking for a great sounding VI/SBA Tenor. I don't care if it's a relacq or an ugly horn. I only care about the way it plays! If you've got a VI/SBA tenor that fits this description and want...
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    WTB: Jon Van Wie refaced Alto Meyer

    Looking for a JVW refaced alto Meyer around a 7 tip opening. Please PM me if you have one for sale! Thanks!

  4. WTB: Vandoren AL3 Alto Saxophone Mouthpiece

    Looking to buy a Vandoren AL3 Alto Saxophone mouthpiece. Let me know if you've got one you're looking to sell! Thanks!
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    Looking For: Navarro Tenor pieces ...

    Looking for either the Maestra or the Bahia in a 7** opening for tenor. Hard Rubber only please. PM me with your offers! I might have a few things I could trade as well ...
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    Re: E-Sax vs. Sax Partner

    Sorry to bring up a really old thread ... anyone have any idea if the ALTO case would fit in an overhead compartment on an airplane? If I were to purchase one of these, it'd be for the purpose of...
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    Re: Jazz venues and concerts in Scotland

    Anything going to be happening in August? I'll be performing in the Edingurgh Tattoo this year ... just wanted to see if there were any shows or sessions happening during that time! Thanks!
  8. Re: Viking Instruments Sale 10% to 15% off in stock Items 06/03/12 to 06/10/12

    I can't wait to get my hands on one of the M58s!

    -Andrew Francisco
  9. Re: Auditioning for the Navy Bands...Need Some Advice

    So ... how did the audition go? Good to see some familiar faces on this thread! :)
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    Time to clean out the sack!

    That's what she said. Anyhow, let's make this easy ... Everything ships from a FPO address in Naples, Italy via USPS Priority Mail! Here goes!

    A1 - Aaron Drake Contemporary Hybrid Alto...
  11. Re: FT: Alto NY USA Meyer Refaced by Jon Van Wie

    Thanks Steve!
  12. Re: FT: Alto NY USA Meyer Refaced by Jon Van Wie

    I've also got a LAW Buzzer 8* for sale (Tenor mouthpiece, no cap/lig). I will let that one go for $375.
  13. Re: FT: Alto NY USA Meyer Refaced by Jon Van Wie

    I will take $1800 as well. I would much rather trade for any of the above mouthpieces, but that amount of cash would sway me enough to sell. I don't really expect to sell/trade this mouthpiece off,...
  14. FT: Alto NY USA Meyer Refaced by Jon Van Wie

    I thought I'd never do this ... but here goes!

    Up for trade is my coveted Alto NY USA Meyer that was refaced by Jon Van Wie. I was the one who sent it to JVW; however, I no longer have...
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    Re: FS/FT: Drake Alto Hybrid Contemporary #7

    Had a few bites ... no takers. Still available!
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    FS/FT: Drake Alto Hybrid Contemporary #7

    I've got a Drake Hybrid Ceramic Contemporary #7 for alto. Looking to get $175. Will trade for the Drake Hybrid Jazz #7 (alto), the Drake Hybrid Contemporary I (tenor) #7 or #8, or the Drake Hybrid...
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    Re: Navy Band Auditions

    Ha! That's crazy! Talk about helpin' ya out :P
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    Re: Best Jazz colleges

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    Re: Navy Band Auditions

    I'll start off by saying that what Clayton (Agent27) and CooolJazzz said is basically what you need to know. I was a Jazz major at UNT and I ended up having to play a few classical pieces at the...
  20. WTB: Drake Vintage Resin Contemporary Alto .085 (#7)

    Looking to try out the Drake VRCA .085 (#7) for alto. If anyone is looking to sell, please PM me! Thanks all!


    PS - If you've got the Custom Ceramic Contemporary .085 (#7), let me know...
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