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    Re: Air escaping Embouchure..?

    Yes from the front.. and thats a good idea! I will try that.. thankyou! :) :D
  2. How do you know when you need the next strength reed?

    Hello Everyone! :) I am a grade 7 Saxophinist who uses a 2/a half Vandoran Reed. I was wondering how do I know when I should move onto a different Strength?
    I hope you can help.. ;)
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    Air escaping Embouchure..?

    Hello Everyone :) About 2 years ago I had 4 teeth out, 2 from the bottom and 2 from the top. Ever since then I have been leaking air out of either side of my mouth when I play.. which Is quite...
  4. A good Rock & Blues Alto Sax Mouthpiece..?

    Hello Everyone :) I am looking to buy a really groovy Alto Saxophone Mouthpiece for Rock & Blues Music.. I am heavily into bands like Cream, Jimi Hendrix, The Beatles, Oasis.. and more! and I would...
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