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    Re: When is it time to throw away your reed?

    You can always 'just pick your reed up, trim your tip off, and start all over again, scooby scooby', and come back for a couple choruses, well courses.
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    Re: Remembering Buster Smith!

    His is one of the great 'what if', 'could have been' stories in jazz. He was one of the original members of the Kansas City Basie band, and by all accounts a great soloist, but is said to have not...
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    [eBay] Re: Is Ebay worth it anymore?

    At least you guys can still buy and sell on eBay if you want. Ever since that notice to change your password, every time I attempt to, or even sign in with my old password, I always get a red stop...
  4. Re: Iverson transcription of new Lester Young Tea for Two solo

    Here's one for PowerOfSoul. A smidgeon of Lester on clarinet from the Savory stuff. The poster doesn't say how he got his hands on it. An interesting sidebar is the information that Blue and...
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    Re: Remembering Albert Ayler!

    So glad to see this on YouTube. So great to hear Albert operating out of a get down groove and Henry Vestine just burns. Fantastic.

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    Re: Remembering Earle Warren!


    Wearing one of Don Cherry's suits.
  7. Re: Iverson transcription of new Lester Young Tea for Two solo

    That would be so great if you could transcribe and post up Star Dust. If it is ever to rival Hawk's Body and Soul as the great moody tenor ballad of the day, it looks like it's going to need another...
  8. Re: Iverson transcription of new Lester Young Tea for Two solo

    Thanks to Guido for the Ethan info. I guess I was thinking Ethan had made the transcription for the OP PowerofSoul to put up on his blog, and I should ask him if he would ask Ethan if he could do the...
  9. Re: Iverson transcription of new Lester Young Tea for Two solo

    I guess I should do this via private email, and may later, but I wanted to inquire if Ethan would be willing to transcribe a Herschel Evans solo from the Savory collection. Jan Evensmo, from Jazz...
  10. Re: Warning about using Fedex for international shipments

    A lot of eBay sellers feature Global International Shipping to Canada now. So far Fedex has been the main carrier but USPS is getting into it too. It seems to be almost half the cost Of USPS Priority...
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    Re: The Best Saxophone Player Who Ever Lived

    I notice that the OP came up with this subject of the all time great on the day that Herschel had died, as if, I'd like to think anyway, that his deep unconscious was whispering and suggesting the...
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    Re: Top 3 Jazz Guitarists

    I'd guess a majority of these guys listed would have named Charlie Christian as their main man.
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    Re: Pete Seeger, dead at 94

    The pinko stuff was a bit of a drag, but he absolutely wailed on "Wimoweh", the first or second record I ever bought, and a great musical taste and style influence for me through life.
  14. Re: Pink Floyd Tribute. Doing DSOTMoon and WishUWereHere…worst sax tone ever

    Did he ever get paid for his contributions? I heard a long time back he only got scale for the studio time. I didn't want to hear that record any more after I heard that that lady who improvised that...
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    Re: Top 3 Jazz Guitarists

    I can't think of any jazzman on any instrument that Duane Allman couldn't have gone toe to toe with, let alone any other guitar player.
  16. Re: A new sax design is born - created by Jim Schmidt - debut at Namm show

    The things some people accomplish. Amazing and congrats. Bet Ben Webster with all his chromatic runs would have loved it,
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    Re: How to do the Pharoah Sanders thing?

    When I first heard Pharoah Sanders do that I was quite amazed and was thinking that's the first time I ever heard a tenor play that since Herschel Evans, though Herschel would just do it for a note...
  18. Re: "I love the sax!" ..... does anyone else hear this a lot?

    Then there's the variation on that when some pretty woman tells you you gotta hear this friend of a friend who can play anything and everything on a saxophone with everybody that matters like she's...
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    Re: Phil Everly RIP


    My favourite. Heavy.
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    Re: Transparent Mouthpiece.

    This might be more like it pricewise just for an experiment.

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