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  1. Re: FS: Yanagisawa Alto Metal 7 Mouthpiece

  2. Re: FS: Yanagisawa Alto Metal 7 Mouthpiece

    Price reduced to $120.
  3. FS: Yanagisawa Alto Metal 7 Mouthpiece

    This is a silver Yanagisawa alto metal mouthpiece in a "7" facing in it's original packaging. Perfect condition. I bought this mouthpiece new about 3 years ago. It's hardly been used (maybe blown...
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    Re: Another one bites the dust...

    Shame on you for twisting this thread to spout your own politics.

    If taxes were what drove this restaurant out of business then every other restaurant in Ottawa would be driven out of business,...
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    Re: WTB: Yanagisawa Alto Metal

    PM Sent.
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    Re: 82z alto is small

    I recommend you super-glue your fingers to the keys.

    That way, they won't slip off, and they'll respond instantly.
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    What Are You Struggling With Right Now

    Probably, like most sax players, I go through different phases of struggling with different aspect of my playing.

    Right now, I'm struggling to reinvent my sound -- to make it lively, relevant, and...
  8. Thread: Jazz is...

    by OaklandBhoy

    Re: Jazz is...

    Well, there are many different definitions of a "living art form", but here, we're talking about a living art form as something that is growing and evolving, both in terms of those who are creating...
  9. Thread: Jazz is...

    by OaklandBhoy

    Re: Jazz is...

    He's absolutely right.

    Jazz has been dead a good 50 years.

    It's no longer a living art form, in any meaningful sense.

    Nothing wrong with that.

    I see there are still orchestras and...
  10. Re: How do I understand bop playing without regurgitating licks?

    Sure, I may be playing "licks", but they're not licks I've purposefully memorized in advance.

    Maybe I wasn't clear. What I meant to say was that I've never spent time memorizing licks from books...
  11. Re: How do I understand bop playing without regurgitating licks?

    I've never learned a lick in my life. To me, doing so has always seemed to be the height of boredom, and I never saw any purpose to it. Even so, I seem to be able to create nicely structured...
  12. Re: Should universities, schools and colleges teach jazz?

    That's fair enough. I'd still argue that all those forms are marginal, though. I know around here one of the most popular forms of live music is latin -- Salsa, Brazillian, etc. Much of which...
  13. Re: Should universities, schools and colleges teach jazz?

    Well, not only improvization on 50-to75-year-old standards, but also contemporary jazz that is clearly rooted in those styles, such as the music played by Joshua Redman, Chris Potter, and the like --...
  14. Re: Should universities, schools and colleges teach jazz?

    Universities are entitled to teach whatever their mandate allows, and I can see an arcane subject like jazz forming part of a larger music arts course, in the same way that the greek philosophers...
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    Re: You have never heard a solo like this

    Unfortunately, good technique is not sufficient to make for enjoyable listening to anyone other than technique-afficienados.

    It does nothing for me.
  16. Re: Extremely frustrated - Need Serious Help :/

    I'm kinda where JL was going with his initial response -- I don't see significant bending of the reed in the photo. I also suspect the intonation issues have nothing to do with the reed, but more to...
  17. Re: Does plating affect the sound; no longer an issue...

    Flawed logic run riot.

    I'd suspect that most wooden clarinets are made to a higher level of quality than most plastic ones and I'd suggest that that is more responsible for any difference in sound...
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    Re: For all you technique experts out there??

    finger position and speed is unimportant. You'll figure it out. Focus more on the sound. That's what's important.
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    Re: Caution!!-sax prodigy on the way!!!

    I don't get the hype? Admittedly, I don't mix with 13 year olds, but, I really don't think age matters. What I hear is someone learning sax who has a long, long way to go before he has the...
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    Re: Are Opinionated Customers Best Avoided?

    I have one customer who is highly agreeable, and I've kept him on.

    All other customers who approach me I tell them to get to ****. That's not true -- there are two customers who I humour, but I...
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