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    Re: Who do u think, is the best tenor player alive?

    Yeah!!!:thumbrig:They're both prophets:TGNCHK:I guess he's the Voodoo Instrument Prophet (V.I.P.) of New Orleans because SOTW just made his prophecy come true:laughing::lol:
  2. Re: looking for "The Best of Boney James" transcription book

    :dazed::confused::scratch:Isn't this a perfect example of an oxymoron:?
  3. Re: REVIEW: Voodoo "Tyrannosaurus" Rex Alto ("The Windup")

    :shock:You mean you really don't suffer from Alto Dispossession Disease after all:?
    Then what's that note under your Avatar for:?:
    (I thought you were so distracted by being trapped under your...
  4. Re: REVIEW: Voodoo "Tyrannosaurus" Rex Alto ("The Windup")

    That's what "Freedom of Speech" is all about:salute::usa:
    If you don't doesn't matter! :lol:
  5. Re: REVIEW: Voodoo "Tyrannosaurus" Rex Alto ("The Windup")

    Don't worry, the Spanish-speaking population in Tejas is growing day-by-day. Ariba!! :laughing:
  6. Re: REVIEW: Voodoo "Tyrannosaurus" Rex Alto ("The Windup")

    Sure! And if you got one of these, let me know where your review is:)What:shock:I thought I was the only sane one on here:!: :lol: :laughing: :DHopefuly one of my computer owning friends can oblige....
  7. Re: REVIEW: Voodoo "Tyrannosaurus" Rex Alto ("The Windup")

    Ya'll have given me a fantastic idea:!: :cheers:
    Since you introduced the fabulous:TGNCHK:, how 'bout you create little Troll Detective emoticons that you bestow on various SOTWers underneath their...
  8. Re: REVIEW: Voodoo "Tyrannosaurus" Rex Alto ("The Windup")

    gary, trolling is what you do on the Rhine, or in your case now, underneath the San Antone Riverwalk:laughing: :lol: :D
  9. Re: REVIEW: Voodoo "Tyrannosaurus" Rex Alto ("The Windup")

    Yes, but who has had the better sense of humor since this:
    on 7-22-2008:?: :shock: :lol: :laughing: :toothy9:
  10. Re: REVIEW: Voodoo "Tyrannosaurus" Rex Alto ("The Windup")

    Back so soon:?: :laughing: :lol:
    I wonder what Sigmund would say:?
  11. Mark your calendar! Saturday, September 12th, 2009

    While you're at it, come on by a little more than a month earlier to The Hole in the Wall at 11654 Harry Hines; right off of I635/I35, for Texas Slim's new U.S.A. release party for his CD:
  12. Re: Mark your calendar! Friday, October 16th, 2009

    Slim will be appearing with the Wanda King Blues Band; yes, blues lovers, the "King" continuing the tradition of Freddie King.:)
  13. Re: REVIEW: Voodoo "Tyrannosaurus" Rex Alto ("The Windup")

    Using my psychology training; and a bottle if Tequila, I have deduced that you are suffering from A.D.D.;)
  14. Re: REVIEW: Voodoo "Tyrannosaurus" Rex Alto ("The Windup")

    My suggestion is to try and get a feel:lol:
    Let me know if you make the news:!::shock:
    (now I know why your name is Raspberry) :razz:
  15. Re: REVIEW: Voodoo "Tyrannosaurus" Rex Alto ("The Windup") bad! Y'all haven't seceded from Canada yet, aye:?: :lol:
  16. Re: REVIEW: Voodoo "Tyrannosaurus" Rex Alto ("The Rex")

    :treble:Sure beats SuX'n:lol:on a JK:laughing:
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    Re: Vandoren Blue alto - 2.5 too soft, 3 too hard

    Switch to Rico:twisted:
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    Re: Have you ever fallen on stage?

    Only metaphysically...
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    Re: Radio Improved Tenor

    Does it come with AM, FM, shortwave, satellite:?
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    Re: The UAE...what is it like musically?

    Snake charmers to the left of me,
    Snake charmers to the right,
    Lawd here I am,
    Stuck in the middle with you.
    (Now appearing at the Dubai Hotel! Randall & the Snake charmers!);)
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