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  1. Re: Lost the spoiler insert for Jody Jazz ESP 100 (6) mouthpiece. Any ideas on a replacement baffle?

    Hello Keith and thanks for the reply. To be clear, are you saying it's a $30 job if I buy the putty and supplies myself, Or $30 transmitted to you if you make it? If the latter, can I assume I...
  2. Lost the spoiler insert for Jody Jazz ESP 100 (6) mouthpiece. Any ideas on a replacement baffle?

    Hi Folks,

    I seem to have lost the spoiler (baffle insert with vibrating thingy) for my Jody Jazz ESP piece when I packed up in a dimly lit club last time. This is a bummer because I paid a ton...
  3. Re: New Cannonball Big Bell Stone Series "Brute" Tenor

    Congrats to you! I suggest that if you're not already, that you take lessons from a seasoned player to avoid establishing bad habits. I started off with two lessons from the elementary band...
  4. Re: iPad app for storing and playing backing tracks through sound system

    If an Aebersold that I purchased as CD, I would rip it as a WAV file into Reaper (great and cheap) or even a free DAW (digital audio workstation) software and fade them so they were barely audible. ...
  5. Re: Richmond, VA Bari Mouthpiece Clinic 07/12/14 3p-5p

    I just moved to Glen Allen (Richmond). I should check this out!
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    Re: Pa System for Events band

    I love my QSC K12s. Not cheap but they sound great and are very powerful and EASY. I got mine at They're not the most social people, but they seem to have the best prices. The...
  7. Re: Is the Taishan Winds TSBS-680 Baritone Saxophone a good sax to own?

    Don't give up altogether. Just realize that baris are the most expensive of the main four saxes of the sax family, and to get a solid one, you and/or your parents will need to save longer.
  8. Re: Cannonball fat necks: What are they like and what are they worth?

    I have had two tenor fat necks, and I've flipped them both for $200 each, one on Ebay, the other here on SOTW. Both gave my stone series tenor a bigger sound, but there was IMO something a bit too...
  9. Re: What is a solid, low-cost option for a classical (concert band) tenor sax mouthpiece?

    Thanks for the responses folks!! I forward the URL of this thread to my friend for her consideration for purchases.
  10. What is a solid, low-cost option for a classical (concert band) tenor sax mouthpiece?

    As in cheaper than a Selmer C*

    I'm asking on behalf of a friend for her son. He needs a non-buzzy, smoother sounding piece.

    Thanks in advance!

  11. Re: Do you own and play both a low Bb and a low A bari?

    I agree with the points above that:

    1) Modern big band arrangements (e.g. Gordon Goodwin) and even semi-modern (Stan Kenton/Hank Levy) call for the Low A a LOT.
    2) Dropping out to let the bass...
  12. Re: Cannonball Sop, sight unseen. What would be a good price for this?

    Agree. $750 a good price if it's a Global Series. I had a Global Series tenor for years that was great, but Stone Series and Vintage on average sound a bit fatter, in my experience based on playing...
  13. Re: Thinking of trading my Selmer Ref 36 Tenor in for a Cannonball. Am I crazy?

    Stop making sense. One of the coldest, bluntest, but REAL posts I've ever read on SOTW was someone declaring he thinks of his saxophone as a TOOL. IMO he's right. A sax is a gadget. I'm not...
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    Re: FS: Barone Silver Plated Classic Tenor

    I posted back to back sound clips of the two Barone models somewhere in the Barone subforum a few years ago. Most folks seemed to like the Classic's tone better IIRC.
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    Re: VITO "Duke" Beaugnier Baritone Sax Low Bb

    I bought one of these from an Ebay listing two months ago, it had a stunning relaq job, and it had a great sound, but played so horribly out of tune with itself from one note to the next, even my...
  16. Neuroimaging scientists liken jazz improvisation to speaking of a language

    Article here- with link to actual open-access research paper:

    I'm not at all surprised,...
  17. Re: "Careless Whisper" gets the Dave Koz comic treatment

    Done. Thanks
  18. "Careless Whisper" gets the Dave Koz comic treatment


    Funny! The first couple minutes of retro bouncy style groove illustrates why I don't listen to much pre-WWII jazz, but then they take off in a...
  19. Re: Anyone have a decent arrangment of Swing Low Sweet Chariot for Sax and Piano acc.?

    I programmed a medley of spirituals as backing tracks in a smooth jazz style (about a 10 mb MP3 file) using Band-in-a-box that starts witih that song, where I also prepared a sheet music chart using...
  20. Re: How much money should I pay for a new cannonball Vintage series tenor?

    It's always a great day when someone takes home a solid sax that sounds and feels great to him or her, no matter the brand. Enjoy, and don't look back!
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