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  1. FA: many tenor mouthpieces, plus alto, 2x clarinet

    On eBay:

    Francois Louis signature model Spectruoso T280 SP hand...
  2. Re: Yanagisawa Soprano History and Identification

    Dave: Thank you! Any conclusion if these newer necks will fit the older 900/990 horns? That was before they "retooled" for the new 901/981/991s.

    I very much agree with your straight neck on the...
  3. Re: Yanagisawa Soprano History and Identification

    Thanks, man. I love your Yanagisawa site.

    I don't wan't to get too off-topic here, but do you know if the soprano necks are interchangeable (tenon... taper...) between the 991s and the 990s?

  4. Re: Yanagisawa Soprano History and Identification

    Interesting. Thanks for the response, Pete. I wonder when they started making the 990 without the medallion and with the model number stamped?

    This is just marked Elimona and has the Yani "coin"....
  5. Re: Yanagisawa Soprano History and Identification


  6. Re: Yanagisawa Soprano History and Identification

    I'll throw my hat in the ring here... I've got an early high-G model. Has the low C# rod-arm closing mechanism. 2 necks.

    It's engraved "Elimona ®" on one line. However, it has NO model number. ...
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    Re: Flute exercises on sax

    scooby - definitely agree with your article. Flute exercises are great on saxophone.

    I try to get my high-school saxophone students to take their technique as seriously as good HS flautists...
  8. Re: FS: MACSAX HR 7* Bob Sheppard signature tenor MP

    pm sent
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    Re: new Shure clip on for saxophone

    Honestly, we were at such a low volume for the shoot I was mostly hearing the acoustic sound so I can't speak to the mic.

    That's a 134XXX :)
  10. Re: What Is A Good Way To Clean A Saxophone Bore Without Dismantaling The Sax?

    Pete - he only asked a good way to clean it without disassembly... and now we want to protect the pads too?!? ;) ;)
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    new Shure clip on for saxophone

    Hi guys - I don't post here often but I wanted to share that my '66 Mark VI got to be the "model" for the new Shure horn mic:

    It's called the PGA-98H

    Funniest gig I ever did! Played...
  12. Re: Article on the Blue Note in Chicago, 1950s

    Thanks for the link! I wish they had some images to add to the story.
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    Re: DPA Clip Mic Info

    DPA is pretty much the top of the heap as far as professional engineers are concerned. Pricey, too. The ATM 350 is a cheaper option as is excellent as well.
    There are even less-expensive mics...
  14. Re: Question: Vintage Selmer 2-Screw Lig on Otto Link HR

  15. Re: What Is A Good Way To Clean A Saxophone Bore Without Dismantaling The Sax?

    You can dip the whole saxophone in a soapy bath and soak it for a few days. Then run a dry swab through a few times when you take it out. Using this method, you won't need to disassemble the horn...
  16. Re: FS: Rafael Navarro Hard Rubber Briilhart .102 Fantastic Player

    Thank you! Mr. Bunte is very responsive with emails/questions and shipped the piece quickly!
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    Re: Help! Protec Case Doesn't Fit Conn 10M

    I'd try a Hiscox case for a Conn. It's worth the extra $ for the extra protection. Maybe ask Randy at Tenor Madness how it fits.

    I got my case from them (although I've only tried it on a Mark...
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    Re: 1952 SBA eye candy

    Hard to tell without more close-ups what the actual condition is! Nice horn, though.
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    Re: S1 Tenor in silver

    Seriously beautiful horn!
  20. Sticky: Re: 10mfan METAL Merlot and Robusto tenor mouthpieces are now READY!

    Thanks Rodger and JL! It's a fun piece to play - you can put a ton of warm air through it.

    I'll have my own review coming soon. Haven't found the time to write it yet...
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