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  1. Sticky: Re: NEW: ALERT: Important change to Marketplace Posting Regulations - READ

    Very sad and a big bummer. I've sold several great mark vi's and lots of mouthpieces to players here to very happy buyers, and now I can't post anything for sale. Plus, I always loved looking at all...
  2. FS: Beechler Diamond Dot 5 alto sax mouthpiece original and perfect

    Beechler Diamond Dot 5 alto sax mouthpiece in perfect original condition. looks like new and plays great. This is a bargain at this price! $300+15 shipping from Los Angeles. Contact me at:...
  3. FS: 94,xxx Selmer Mark VI tenor sax original w/fresh overhaul!

    Killer 94,xxx Selmer mark VI tenor american engraved with original lacquer matching serial on neck and a fairly new expensive overhaul from the best repair man in LA. This is about the best 5 digit...
  4. FS: RARE old brass Remle made by Beechler tenor sax mouthpiece

    This is extremely rare. A brass Remle tenor sax mouthpiece probably from the 70's made by Elmer beechler. looks and plays like an old brass Dukoff or Otto Link. It's a 5m with a serial number and...
  5. FS: Silverstein alto sax ligature brand new in box! Never played!

    Brand new Silverstein small alto sax ligature in the box, never played.$100+$6 shipping from Los Angeles.
  6. FS: Otto Link EB 7* metal tenor sax mouthpiece 1970's 7* on the side

    Killer vintage 70's Otto Link Early Babbit metal tenor sax mouthpiece adjusted by Mojo. Fantastic shape and plays great! 7* stamped on the side. $650+$15 shipping from Los Angeles. Contact me...
  7. FS: Selmer SBA tenor sax 53,xxx original w/good pads original case and end plug

    Killer Selmer SBA super balanced action tenor sax 53,xxx with original lacquer and in very good condition. No dents or dings and has never been damaged. Lots of beautiful engraving down to the bow...
  8. Re: 94,xxx Selmer Mark VI tenor sax Original lacquer matching neck!

    For you, $9,999! Today only!
  9. FS: Beechler Diamond dot tenor sax mouthpiece Verne buck .110 original!RARE!

    I have a very rare Beechler diamond dot tenor sax mouthpiece in original condition and measures .110 which is an 8. It was one of the rare ones that Verne Buck faced for Beechler, and is incredible....
  10. 70's Meyer 5MM Early babbitt alto sax mouthpiece Buddy Collette's

    Nice old Early Babbitt Meyer 5MM alto sax mouthpiece from the 1970's that belonged to the late great Buddy Collette. I got about 50 pieces from his wife and they were all 1970's or older. Great...
  11. Vintage Selmer C* scroll shank soloist style tenor sax mouthpiece Buddy Collette's

    Very nice older Selmer scroll shank soloist style C* tenor sax mouthpiece in excellent shape. $100 plus $15 shipping from Los Angeles. Contact me at:
  12. 94,xxx Selmer Mark VI tenor sax Original lacquer matching neck!

    This is a KILLER 94,xxx Selmer Mark VI tenor sax in original condition with about 70% of the original lacquer remaining. I believe Chris Potter and Eric Alexander both play horns in the ninety...
  13. FS: 1940's Dukoff Stubbie 7 stamped tenor sax mouthpiece

    Old brass 1940's Dukoff stubbie tenor sax mouthpiece in great shape. Looks original to me and stamped with a 7. Measures between .100 and.105 I can measure it again to be exact, but I remember that...
  14. FS: Selmer mark VI tenor sax 149,xxx Sanborn numbers very clean original lacquer

    Selmer mark VI 149,xxx tenor saxophone in the Sanborn range meaning a huge vibrating sound! It's in extremely clean all original condition with no issues no dents no repairs. Original lacquer has...
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    Re: WTB: Lawton Mouthpieces

    Hi, I just sent you an email. I have an old Lawton 7*B special for $500
  16. FS: Berg Larsen 110/0 offset sms baritone sax mouthpiece original Buddy Collette's!

    Killer all original Berg Larsen 110/0 offset SMS from the 60's baritone sax mouthpiece that came from a box of mouthpieces I got from Buddy Collette's wife. It's a great old mouthpiece! $500 plus $15...
  17. FS:Miami Dukoff soprano D7 mouthpiece original!

    Hi have a great old Miami D7 Dukoff soprano sax mouthpiece with cap and ligature in great original shape. $750 plus $15 shipping from Los Angeles. Contact me at:
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    Re: WTB Beechler Diamond Dot Alto MPC

    Hi, Im emailing you pics. I have a new looking Beechler diamond dot 5 alto mouthpiece all original. Thanks, Steve :
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    Re: WTB Otto Link Florida tenor mpc !

    Hi, I have an original Florida Otto Link 7 metal tenor in great shape. Email me and I will send you pics. I want $850 plus shipping from los angeles Thanks, Steve :
  20. FS: 60's Florida Otto Link small 8 alto sax mouthpiece w/orig cap and ligature

    Very rare 1960's Florida Otto Link alto sax mouthpiece with a small font 8 on the side in 100% original minty condition with the original cap and ligature. An 8 is hard to find, and this one is a...
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