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    My 25 guys - whom to imitate

    Learning how to play what you like to hear from others is how we all advance, because in the... Go to last post

    1saxman 01-21-2017 08:56 PM

    My 25 guys - whom to imitate

    Why Imitate? Go to last post

    BrianMitchellBrody 01-15-2017 02:33 PM
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    Vito Model 35 alto on eBay

    I put this one straight on eBay, but figured that people here would be interested...A Model 35 "System" Vito alto. This one is pretty messed up...It was misrepresented to me by the seller so now I...

    J.Max Today, 11:13 PM Go to last post

    Re: DIY Selmer Mark VI "engraving" on local Craigslist ad.

    If I'm too scared to color my own hair I think I'm too scared to engrave my own horn.

    Roundmidnite Today, 11:08 PM Go to last post

    Re: 10M Neck Repair

    The repair is completed, less than perfect, but better than it was and now usable.
    I have not soldered in a while and realize how quickly you lose skills if not used regularly.
    I had to go over it...

    jth121 Today, 11:06 PM Go to last post

    Re: DIY Selmer Mark VI "engraving" on local Craigslist ad.

    ouch.. this should keep going as a reminder of what not to to do.. just ouch. none of the lines are straight or edged right.. its just painful. please place you neck straps at half mast and a...

    FredJG Today, 11:01 PM Go to last post

    Re: Tried out a Legere for the first time


    skelly Today, 10:54 PM Go to last post
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