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  1. G'day madav,
    sorry to be slow to reply - just back from holidays.
    Nice to hear I'm not the only one.
    Amazing the way things are moving isn't it - my mouse project has been going for about 8 years now. Can't remember offhand how many markers we used for the initial F2 screen but it was microsatellites and couldn't have been more than a couple of hundred. Then we did an advanced intercross line - which worked too well, if anything, and for which we used hundreds of SNPs just to look at a handful of regions of interest. And now it's reached the stage where the simplest next step was to just sequence the two parental strains. So we did. (data still in the pipeline, should keep us busy for a bit when it comes...)
    Same sort of story in plants?
  2. hey Edwin.. noticed the message you left on someone else's profile.. it's an unusual combination, but yes here's another working with QTL's (albeit in plants), and playing sax (!)
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