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    Matty Bannond-98135

    Improvisation: A union of mind, body and music

    Improvising on the saxophone has transformed my life forever. It has awakened me to a completely new level of spirituality – hard words for me to type, as a rationalist. Improvisation is a religious revelation. It is meditation, red mist and the soul. Playing music without a plan showed me the full dignity of the human consciousness and the hot power of the mind. It made me question everything that had gone before, and opened up unlimited possibilities for everything that lay ahead. It very nearly never happened. I want to share my story, and my elation, about how it did. Somebody showed me how.

    When I was about 11, my parents made me start taking lessons once a week for 30 minutes, together with another kid. Our teacher, a clarinet player, would take us through the required pieces for the next grade exam. They were classical: The melodies felt stiff. I thought the saxophone was the stupidest thing on the planet, and I gave up around four years later. I don’t think I played the instrument at home even once.

    Matty Bannond Today 10:55 PM Go to last post
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    What's Your Tenor Setup?

    Thread Starter: Berko

    Post Ur Setup \ My Setup: Tenor Keiwerth EX90 III Mpc : Super Tone master 6 * Lig : Orginal and FL Brass Plated

    Last Post By: hfrank 02-24-2017, 04:47 PM Go to last post

    Leblanc Sax Serial Number Registry

    Thread Starter: FremontSax

    I have been searching the web for Leblanc Saxophones trying to put a serial number list together this is what I have found. Serial Number Type Year Source 542 Tenor Semi Rationale 1950's ...

    Last Post By: AMASAX Yesterday, 10:50 PM Go to last post

    Post a clip here, free jazz only!

    Thread Starter: John_Dikeman

    Hello everyone, On another thread I've been trading free jazz clips with Jason Dumars and it occurred to me it would be cool to open a thread for members clips of only free jazz, free improvisation, new music, avant-garde, generally wacky ****! There are a number of players on SOTW that are...

    Last Post By: osloutah Yesterday, 07:25 PM Go to last post
    Rackety Sax

    Make Your Own Ligature

    Thread Starter: Rackety Sax

    I learned how to do this 30 years ago from Ralph Loomis, principal clarinetist in the U.S. Coast Band for many years. I'm not sure if he came up with this himself, but I think he did. A few bucks worth of supplies will create a lifetime's worth of ligatures (I think I'm still using the wax paper...

    Last Post By: Rackety Sax Today, 04:21 AM Go to last post

    What is your Yamaha set-up?

    Thread Starter: keluitry

    I know there are threads like this elsewhere - but what about one entirely devoted to Yamaha instruments? So, post your set-up!

    Last Post By: J.Max 02-24-2017, 04:11 AM Go to last post
  • Guide Book for the Saxophone Teacher

    Guide Book for the Saxophone Teacher

    This Guide Book for the Saxophone Teacher will provide you with a different approach to teaching music, one that includes the creativity of the student. It is not a method book, but rather a personal description of the decades of experience teaching not only children and youths, but also numerous Master Classes in many parts of the world. The Guide Book (for students aged seven to twenty one) is divided into suggestions for the Beginner, the Intermediate and the Advanced Level and includes examples of age-appropriate exercises and repertoire lists including original saxophone literature, a large section on solving problems, pedagogical suggestions on all the basics and much more.

    About the Author

    Carina Rascher is a known name in the saxophone world. Her musical activities include five decades of concertizing around the world; as Soloist, with her father Sigurd M. Rascher and with The Rascher Saxophone Quartet. Her teaching experiences include twenty four years at a community music school, numerous Master Classes in Europe, Middle East, Asia and USA, as well as teaching advanced private students and professionals.

    The Guide Book is now available on Amazon.

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    Evaluating a Used Saxophone For Purchase (video)

    Yes.....I agree with all the above
    And thank you very much
    Don't want to get carried away
    but... Go to last post

    Belshoresdan 02-19-2017 06:42 PM
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    Re: How to strengthen high notes?

    When in doubt, and your problem has something to do with air supply, the answer is nearly always long tones!:bluewink2:

    DarrellMass Today, 11:33 PM Go to last post

    Re: A blues I recorded the other day

    Thank you. He is such a beautiful player and a beautiful person.
    He has been using the piece for quite some time and really enjoys it.

    I hope you get to check them out someday.

    10mfan Today, 11:31 PM Go to last post
    Harri Rautiainen

    Re: SOTW new member introductions ~ Jan 2017-

    A warm welcome to all new SOTW Forum members!

    I'd like to thank Matty Bannond for submitting his article to SOTW:

    Improvisation: A union of mind, body and music

    I enjoyed reading it. Should...

    Harri Rautiainen Today, 11:31 PM Go to last post

    Re: BEAUGNIER Alto Sax 1950s - wonderful condition

    Pretty horn... I've always loved the silver with the gold washed bell.

    SaxDadPaul Today, 11:30 PM Go to last post

    Re: Silverstein & François Louis Ligature Size for Metal Robusto

    I used the same FL ultimate (and selmer 404) on my metal Link and Robusto until finding something I liked better. Not sure what size it was, but metal Links are usualy the normal or medium tenor...

    swperry1 Today, 11:26 PM Go to last post
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