Antigua Winds
  • Fill in the blank (Mar-Apr 12)

    HINT: Pay attention to the doll.

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    1. jacobnikolau767's Avatar
      jacobnikolau767 -
      I told you Ethel, his first words were, "repair me".
    1. saxydrake's Avatar
      saxydrake -
      Hey Soprany, even the baby doesnt like Kenny G!
    1. StanleySaxMan's Avatar
      StanleySaxMan -
      Look honey, he is showing Kenny G who is boss.
    1. rjent's Avatar
      rjent -
      He'll get Kenny's sound in time, he's just impatient at this age ....
    1. Bloo Dog's Avatar
      Bloo Dog -
      Keep shaking, son. Maybe another ten million with fall out of his other pocket.
    1. Knackster's Avatar
      Knackster -
      He called me an ALTO but I keep telling him I'm just a little TENOR!
    1. PinkyKeys's Avatar
      PinkyKeys -
      No more spit...No more spit...No more spit........
    1. thejazzsponge's Avatar
      thejazzsponge -
      'He should be an alto right?'

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