• Fill in the blank (December 11)

    Santa didn’t come to town? Now you know why!
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    1. kcp's Avatar
      kcp -
      Hey *hiccups* I never saw a talking reindeer before
    1. StanleySaxMan's Avatar
      StanleySaxMan -
      Hey bud, you are a to drunk to fly tonight.
    1. Kahtra's Avatar
      Kahtra -
      'Hey, Ruddie! Hand me another*hic* miller, will ya?'
    1. SethG's Avatar
      SethG -
      yeah Rudee, I know how ya feel 'ol boy! I ain't gotta gig this Christmas either. Nobody believes is good 'ol entertainment anymore. Sad..... Everyone's GOT to have SUMPTIN to believe in so I believe I'll have another beer!
    1. VintageSaxGuy's Avatar
      VintageSaxGuy -
      Hey..hey...hey....it's not so bad buddy. I used to have....a Runyon..that was the same *burp* color!
    1. Alroquez's Avatar
      Alroquez -
      Hey! I "played" you on TV!
    1. scheinberg's Avatar
      scheinberg -
      Blow me!
    1. jrvinson45's Avatar
      jrvinson45 -
      Ya know, sooner or later Santa's going to find out what makes your nose light up like that.
    1. Classax's Avatar
      Classax -
      So... That's how you get your nose to light up...!
    1. hakukani's Avatar
      hakukani -
      I never knew antlers made good bottle openers. Show me again, just once more!
    1. hakukani's Avatar
      hakukani -
      On the 'leventh day uv Xmas my love true, gave me a ....oh well, I fergit...
    1. Larry K's Avatar
      Larry K -
      I wouldn't be out here if my G# hadn't stuck in the middle of the carol!
    1. SaxyOmega's Avatar
      SaxyOmega -
      Hey, I'm a mezzo-soprano. No one *hic* believes in me, either.
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