• New “Pro-one” saxophone promotional events are coming in December and January

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    San Antonio, TX, November 30, 2010: Antigua new saxophone “Pro-one” will debut at Namm 2011. Before Namm, there are several promotional events to be hold to introduce Pro one to artists, teachers, musicians, enthusiasts, and dealers as well. Here is the events information:

    - 12/07/2010 Vandoren Artist reception in New York, NY. - Introduce Pro One to Vandoren artists in attendance. Hosted by Vandoren in their New York studio.

    - 12/08/2010 Otterbein University in Columbus, OH. - Introduce Pro One to local artists and teachers. Hosted by Buckeye Brass & Woodwinds.

    - 12/11/1010 "Saxophone Day" annual event in Tustin, CA - In conjunction with: Ponzol Workshop, Steve Wilkerson Clinic & concert. LA musician's invited to attend - Hosted by Jim's Music.

    - 12/15/2010 Midwest Clinic in Chicago, IL- Consumer show - showcasing Pro One and Vosi.

    - 01/06/2011 to 01/08-2011 Jazz Education Network (JEN) Conference in New Orleans, Louisiana - Consumer show - Jazz focus - attended by educators, artists, students, enthusiasts. Showcasing Pro One. Peter Ponzol will be in the Pro One booth.

    - 01/13/2011 to 01/16/2011 NAMM in Anaheim, CA - Dealer - Trade show - Showcasing Pro One and Vosi.

    Please contact Kerry Klingborg at Antigua Winds for more information.
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