Antigua Winds
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    Just testing the article/blog thingy with a new cartoon - You guys (& gals) fill in the blank
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    1. Billyfish's Avatar
      Billyfish -
      My daddy was a Conn man, with a great personality. My mother, Selmer, was the hottest thing in town. So doc, tell me, why am I so introverted ??
    1. jbtsax's Avatar
      jbtsax -
      How am I supposed to relax when they're always pushing my buttons?
    1. jbtsax's Avatar
      jbtsax -
      ... and then all the kids on the playground started calling me a "tranny".
    1. Saxmansteve's Avatar
      Saxmansteve -
      I've always felt like a tenor...trapped in an alto's body.
    1. SSA80S23's Avatar
      SSA80S23 -
      i just wish i was... was... fatter!
    1. Selmer828's Avatar
      Selmer828 -
      Doc, I can't take it anymore!!! I get blown on and blown on everyday and for what to have some clothe stick stuck in side of me!!!!
    1. Aldevis's Avatar
      Aldevis -
      my life sax (said with chico marx's accent)
    1. maiaihii's Avatar
      maiaihii -
      "...well doc you know everybody wants me to be original on the outside as possible, and I finally came to the realization that nobody is lacquered on the inside, so it doesn't matter"

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