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  1. What a wall decoration!
  2. Frustrated....
  3. help with sax identification
  4. Speaking of vintage keywork. Check this out!
  5. Most interesting sax-related event that happened?
  6. Live Webcast - help needed how to do one
  7. Which Soprano sax I should buy?
  8. Your fantasy tenor metal mouthpiece below $400 dollars
  9. finally got my saxes on the wall
  10. Moving back to America
  11. Any Trevor James Signature Custom RAW tenor in Toronto area
  12. A Discussion on Music... Jazz/Classical/Rock/Bluegrass
  13. Need some experienced advice
  14. Playing in low temperatures - and going out of key....
  15. Saxophone after jaw surgery.
  16. Is Obsessiveness a requirement?
  17. Any tunes / artists / albums with a "film noir" kind of sound?
  18. A concerning realization
  19. Best Christmas Saxophone Recordings
  20. Drake Bergonzi/Primo/Klum Navarro Brilhart/Macsax/EB Link etc big shoot out...!
  21. Need a recommendation for a theory book
  22. Bought a new (to me) sax, came with some really old (probably 50's) reeds *pics*
  23. Japan: Osaka Sax Shops
  24. One of my favorite covers by Brubeck----so classy, so great, so BEAUTIFUL----enjoy!
  25. Sax players that are doctors?
  26. A school paper on the saxophone
  27. Great saxophone engravings - templates
  28. WTF...? They wore out their saxophones??!
  29. waht to do with an old beat up sax?
  30. Gas gas gas
  31. Alto versus Tenor
  32. Improvising with the Diminished Scale eBook
  33. Would like your opinions on our jazz ensemble sextet
  34. How to get fuzzy tone.
  35. Is this anyone elses dream to do this?
  36. Built like a TANK
  37. Re-Laq Inside of MKVI Bell
  38. *****A HUGE heartfelt happy new year SOTW!!!!!!! *******
  39. 606 club, website masterclasses
  40. Differing Mouthpiece Positions
  41. I am the walrus...
  42. "Do you also play clarinet and flute?"
  43. Broken Tenor/Mpc Thanks
  44. What mouthpiece for Vintage Soprano?
  45. What Woodwind Instruments Do You Own/Play?
  46. Online Music Lessons!
  47. ALTO ?
  48. One less mark VI alto.
  49. Are temp changes bad for the horn?
  50. Winter Jazz Fest - Night of the no Mark VIs
  51. Hahahahahahahaha omg!
  52. WOW My Jaws Hurt!!!
  53. Overhaul not done to the full satisfaction
  54. Sign this petition for George Coleman. George Coleman for NEA Jazz Master!!!
  56. NeoSax
  57. Why are Saxophones tuned the way they are???
  58. Detroit People, Two Questions for You
  59. SAXOPHONES UNLEASED @NAMM 2013 ! I'm unleashed again !!
  60. Ear training
  61. Benefits of practicing in a soundproof booth
  62. NEED HELP! - Sound Isolation tips
  63. YTS-23 Ebay Purchase Observation
  64. Lester Young
  65. How important is 100% quality to you?
  66. Phase 1 of Sax Holder Modifications
  67. Legal copyright question: Playing Sax video of classic jazz on youtube videos, ok?
  68. Dave Kessler's 2013 Annual NAMM Show Report
  69. Many Thanks 10mfan, Mark
  70. Virtual Tour in the Adolphe Sax Home !
  71. Is it time to sell your over priced mark v1
  72. Your Main Sax - Tool or Best Friend?
  73. (just for fun) Why My Sax Has Outlasted All my Wives and girlfriends Combined... post your thoughts, lol
  74. Tonal Qualities
  75. Found a sax in a school's museum. How to I approach them about it?
  76. What makes a sax "vintage"?
  77. Does Anyone Know Who's on the Cover of The Sax Journal?
  78. Are Jazz Gigs in your Community disappearing?
  79. Kenny Garrett Clinic?
  80. Assult Sax
  81. Are you all really chest breathing?
  82. Circque du Soleil, Houseband?
  83. Great Technique Awful musicians :)
  84. transposing?
  85. WTH (or How We End Up With Too Many Saxes)
  86. The Sad Life of a High School Bari Sax(And Other Underestimated Horns)
  87. Professional Set Up
  88. king 662
  89. Vibtage Hard Rubber MP, how long it last?
  90. I saw these on ebay. FUNNY but True!
  91. Parents, how do you find time to practice?
  92. should I be worried
  93. Zoot Sims. Four altos?
  94. Sax Websites
  95. Will a metal mouth piece ever wear out?
  96. Museum in the home town of A. Sax
  97. Barone Vintage Tenor. GREAT HORN!!
  98. Soundproofing. Any experience?
  99. live dynamics and tone, compared to in the studio?
  100. Being a professional (or semi-pro) musician without playing on professional horns...
  101. Is there a better tenor tone than Dexter's?
  102. Selmer Series 111 Tenor Copies
  103. Which is best ?
  104. brought my own :)
  105. What is a Musician?
  106. Soundproofing blankets over doors...
  107. Adventure at - SamAsh in Buffalo Grove IL
  108. Colleges with good jazz programs.
  109. Saxophone Battle on New York City Subway
  110. My world is turned upside down!!!!
  111. NEA Report: Saxophone Still an OK Vehicle for Self-Expression
  112. Flame-O-Phone
  113. What's that sax?!
  114. 1985 World Saxophone Congress in Washington, D.C., was anyone there?
  115. Front 'F' key
  116. Discoloration after repairs
  117. Stuff going wrong..... or is it???
  118. The best alto sax player?
  119. Inline lower stack, modern pinky keys
  120. What's that big band piece that goes...
  121. How to get a quieter sound?
  122. Seattle prof. registers new patent for sax design
  123. Alternative touchpieces, fossilized ivory, etc.
  124. Reed, why dry it sounds different?
  125. Beechler mpc elitism (challenge)
  126. Big bore modern sax like 66r or Smaller bore like MK VI or Yamaha Whats your preference ?
  127. Band Leader Question
  128. What finish to buy? So many options ... Too many options?
  129. Noblet pere et fils wood clarinet
  130. reed reconditioning.
  131. How long for me to get my chops back?
  132. Favorite rationalizations for buying a new sax (when you're pretty happy with your curent one).
  133. Harlem Nocturn
  134. Report: Saxophone Still An Okay Vehicle For Self-Expression
  135. Spread focused light dark. Are there examples?
  136. Lyons C Clarient. Finger Chart.
  137. Pawn Shop Alto
  138. Do tall guys play alto?
  139. Eyebrows, funny faces and shoulders.
  140. Billboard Academy award show:(
  141. How do you do that damping cutting off effect.
  142. To borrow, or NOT to borrow!
  143. Can't get my sax off of repairman
  144. How to Sell Your Wife On The Reason Why You're Buying Yet Another Dang Sax...Ideas? :p
  145. I Dig the Music of Aubra Graves
  146. Pawn Shop Alto Repaired!
  147. Soak That Reed!
  148. SOTW as a last resort when surfing the net
  149. Tenor or Alto?
  150. Bird . . . the movie
  151. Need feedback: I'm thinking about making a website builder for musicians
  152. Cold sax
  153. Has to be my lucky day !!
  154. Has anyone ever been denied carrying their alto on a flight?
  155. Materials and sound
  156. Musical Instruments on Airlines
  157. Im doing an alto saxophone solo and what do these Jazz chords include
  158. Sometimes Behaves SO Strangely
  159. Win a Yamaha 82zii or a Yanagisawa 991 saxophone?
  160. What Key?
  161. Street Music in Atlanta, GA
  162. Live recordings done with i-phones, etc.
  163. Don Sinta Jazz Improvisation article
  164. Good songs for a lullaby?
  165. BAHAHAH Kenny G and Snickers Commercial!
  166. This sax just won't play well, any tips?
  167. Is thickness the only difference between a softer and a harder reed?
  168. Report: Saxophone Still An Okay Vehicle For Self-Expression
  169. DCI gets trampled
  170. Jazz bari mouthpieces and reeds
  171. Saxophone and friendship
  172. Rocky Horror is Ruining My Reeds!
  173. Can someone please explain it to me?
  174. What kinda reeds would you suggest for this one ????
  175. City of Toronto hates Jazz! What?
  176. "Starless" saxes
  177. Blown away with Cheeseball EBay Chinese no-name Soprano Customer Service
  178. 57/8 Hohner alto. Question??
  179. 70's Sax player for Melvin Sparks
  180. Inaccurate Media with Saxophone
  181. 60 tracks are the original recordings transcribed and published as the Charlie Parker Omnibook.
  182. need help tone issues
  183. Do short people play tenor?
  184. The most disgusting Saxophone gift available....
  185. Define "SPRING TENSION" or "ACTION"
  186. Aspiring pro needs constructive feedback
  187. Big Band Recommendations
  188. First time flying with horns - are alto's considered carry on?
  189. Still fighting with the insurance company
  190. Leather Neck Straps
  191. Anybody here play Banda (Mexico) music?
  192. Coltrane Omnibus
  193. Loudness of horns: an experiment, maybe some myth busting.......
  194. I'm performing TONIGHT with the Jazz Combo "Machine Gun Banana''
  195. Made some wall 'stands' for a couple of my horns.
  196. Transcribing and Learning Parts with help from Internet and Garage Band
  197. Adderley trill video (part 2: hands and shirt)
  198. Jazz and Blues Clubs in Amsterdam, Brussels, Bruges, Cologne
  199. Toko Klangbogen sound bow
  200. Guitar-type strap on sax? AKA "the Angelo Moore technique"
  201. Sanborn Serial Number
  202. Holidays and Horns.
  203. Broken Ace Neck Strap
  204. Don't you just love/hate when a professional plays your horn?
  205. Jazz Tone
  206. resonance of saxophone metal
  207. Need a quick opinion about a sax upgrade!
  208. Ornette Coleman Recommendations
  209. Drums and sax - is there a special relationship?
  210. Mouthpiecemuseum.com offline?? =(
  211. amazing drummer :)
  212. Just for fun....Distinctive influence on sax sound. What sticks out for you?
  213. Oct 8th Master Class w/ Larry Mckenna FREE!
  214. Links for Tim Price's "The Cats You Never Heard Of"
  215. long gone Jazz clubs in San Francisco - addresses please
  216. Johnny Cash
  217. Having your horn ready for outdoor festivals, etc.
  218. Bob Mintzer, Dave Liebman, and Bob Sheppard
  219. Need Play along tracks
  220. Artistry and education
  221. Should I Upgrade my Sax
  222. Monk Competition - Melissa deserved to win, Kelly withdrew
  223. Crazy road story! Marbin and Nazi Carl
  224. How to make a living touring with your band part1
  225. Starting to play after a long break (at least a couple of years).
  226. Afternoon
  227. Take Five removed from Youtube?
  228. I love this video.
  229. A Pretty Cool Kickstarter Campaign
  230. Free Samples: New Tracks with Gary Bartz, DJ Logic
  231. Different saxes: how much difference does the audience hear?
  232. can anyone identify this tenor?...Greg Tardy photos
  233. Dizzy Gillespie Interview
  234. Sax playing and typing.
  235. What effect is Sanborn doing here???
  236. What song is being played here ?
  237. Saxophone science eperiment
  238. Kenny G signed saxophone
  239. How to adjust a sharp horn?
  240. New Yamaha YTS 62 111 Tenor.
  241. What causes GAS?
  242. Muppet Show Baritone!
  243. How many Sax's per year?
  244. Aizen Jazz Master Saxophones.
  245. Original Music
  246. Selmer Refernce 54 Alto for Classical playing
  247. Sooo insanely exciting!!
  248. Padless Selmer?
  249. The random cool sax player picture thread
  250. Sky.fm anyone?
  251. Risky Sax Pics/Sax Porn?
  252. what age did your kid start?
  253. Shampooing my case turned bare brass purple.
  254. White collars and slings
  255. American Horror Story: Coven "Axe Man"
  256. 2014 Calendar Search
  257. Really? I mean...really!
  258. "Cyber Monday" Deals?
  259. Sax in the back seat - Ron Burgundy style
  260. taxes and musical instrument purchases
  261. Conn-Selmer comment
  262. Best way to prevent scratches from neckstrap
  263. Annoncing new comptition
  264. No Busking Allowed
  265. "Greek Mythology" sax!
  266. Saxophone/Woodwind Conventions near New Jersey/Pennsylvania
  267. New to forum, not sure where to post my question?!
  268. Switching from Clarinet.
  269. Ebay sax pics - good humor
  270. Going to Kenny G concert
  271. Music for Grace by Nelson Rangell
  272. What should I tell my music teacher?
  273. Dexter Gordon Video - A study in Embouchure and attack
  274. Airmen of Note - Cool Yule
  275. Albert "Tootie" Heath on Wayne Shorter
  276. My agenda with the C melody saxophone
  277. need help identifying and valuing a sax
  278. Alexande Selmer
  279. Any good quality cheap tenor saxes?
  280. Playing at weddings.
  281. t's another new year and I gotta say - I STILL MISS THE SAXPICS Calendar!!
  282. Who played sax on that single?
  283. Contralto photo test
  284. Early John Coltrane Oahu Recordings
  285. What should I tell my teacher?
  286. Rik Van Den Bergh! The new bari in town.
  287. complete newbie wanting to identify sax-types used on recordings
  288. Opening up the sound of a saxophone: fact or fiction?
  289. The instrument of love
  290. "I love the sax!" ..... does anyone else hear this a lot?
  291. 3-Chord Blues Tunes with Simple Horn Part in Melody/Counter-Melody?
  292. Is tenor or alto sax better for me?
  293. Tim Cunningham's set up?
  294. How many mouthpieces do you have in your drawer?
  295. self taught? or had lessons?
  296. Would this be okay?
  297. About the sounds out of saxes...
  298. Seeking advice on an alto purchase
  299. BeeGees version of Giant Steps.
  300. Coltrane's Soprano Reeds
  301. Has anyone played with a Los Angeles area community band?
  302. Anachronism on tonight's Downton Abbey, sax related
  303. Can You really Re-invent The Wheel..???
  304. How do you hold your sax ?
  305. Flying with sax. What to expect?
  306. The death of Wikifonia? I mourn deeply.
  307. Info required on a truetone saprano saxaphone low pitch.
  308. Does the air temperature affect the tuning of your horn ?
  309. Pascal Brancher Saxophones.
  310. If you think Mark VI's are old and pricey....
  311. A new full line
  312. Your opinion on the high F# key?
  313. Chris Potter playing an early Adolphe Sax tenor!
  314. Free wind Alto, by Ishimori Japan.
  315. That Sax costs how much!?
  316. Early version of Take 5 in 4/4 time! Who knew!
  317. Jazz and sax in Madrid
  318. Graduating from a Mark VI?
  319. Your favorite Ferling etudes
  320. Community Band is too loud. Hearing problems
  321. Opinions on this Buffet Silver Alto- Original or Replate?
  322. How do you get your bands name out there?
  323. First recital as a saxophonist
  324. "Careless Whisper" gets the Dave Koz comic treatment
  325. Greg Osby model alto?
  326. Information needed please
  327. Too Much HYPE
  328. Reface by a new refacer
  329. Build up on the table.
  330. Them #$$@* Metronomes
  331. Haha you got to hear this..
  332. Cold practice room.
  333. Indigo Girls with symphony: do they use saxophones?
  334. Help learning a riff
  335. How much is a Swanee Sax worth?
  336. 1911 Evette & Schaeffer Baritone owned by Paul Whiteman Orchestra member Hale "Pee Wee" Byers
  337. Yanagisawa neck tenon.
  338. How to adjust pivot screws
  339. Old aristocrat- need info
  340. Are vintage Selmer ligatures that special?
  341. A beautiful original SBA , these listings kill me.
  342. Key risers
  343. Bundy Tenor Necks with Pick up Openings
  344. Let the Buyer beware Taiwan vs Taiwan
  345. What makes a good saxophone?
  346. Phantom Undetones?
  347. Adrian Cunningham
  348. Older but good Mark VI copies
  349. Hearing yourself on recordings
  350. Dreaming saxophones
  351. The Irony of it all!
  352. Well, violinists are deluded - Strads are just violins. What about us?
  353. Cleaning your saxophone. A tip...
  354. When to trade up?
  355. Could 3D Printing eventually diminish the value of instruments?
  356. My decision a Yanagasawa
  357. M32 Tenor sax players .
  358. Yanagasawa mouth pieces
  359. Getting Back into the Fold
  360. Proper way to clean a saxophone
  361. Did you chose to play saxophone, or did saxophone chose you ?
  362. Whoa, they make left-handed saxes?
  363. Another way to sound better
  364. Post a photo of your saxes!
  365. A breath of fresh air. No GAS
  366. Really great Cannonball - wooden key touches
  367. Yakima jazz
  368. SotW-approved Marketing Claims
  369. Alto solo.
  370. Why do some people think that they are so funny?
  371. How is Chris Potter doing this?
  372. Hungry For Music
  373. Buescher Aristo, 400 and Selmer Bundy/Signet
  374. Bob Messenger - other credits/recordings aside from Carpenters?
  375. My De Luxe version of Pete Thomas' DIY clip-on Realistic Electret microphone
  376. Ce winds dark vintage vs macsax p mauriat 66 etc.
  377. Anyone Ever Hear a Good Keyboard "Saxophone" Patch/Sample?
  378. How much would you pay?
  379. Ted Nash's book on altissimo fingerings
  380. You Can't Think and Play at the Same Time
  381. What do you consider the "SLEEPER" horn (most under-valued, under-priced), vintage or otherwise?
  382. Palm Springs Music Shops
  383. Houston Person...
  384. What modern horn made you sell or retire a Mark VI or SBA?
  385. I don't know anybody else that plays sax.
  386. Selmer Mark VI alto evaluation
  387. Cleaning mouthpieces
  388. Play along site or app?
  389. Damn Pete Thomas
  390. When a new instrument makes a difference
  391. Has this phrase become cliche' ? (I think so)
  392. Great WW&BW "sale"
  393. Playing.... outside?
  394. Does anyone recognize #17?
  395. Keilwerth sx90 tenor intonation problem!
  396. What sax is this "POS" tenor modeled after?
  397. Copenhagen Saxophone Quartet
  398. Does the rare selmer serialnumber EXIST ?
  399. Bought a Super 20 Bari
  400. One day while discussing " a Yamaha YSS-875EX Custom EX Soprano Saxophone on Ebay " ...